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Cricut BrightPad: Care and Troubleshooting

Care and Cleaning


The Cricut BrightPad surface is a resiliant, scratch-resistant, polycarbonate plastic, with a 6H level of hardness*. However, with use the screen may sustain scratches and scuffs from the sharp tools used in weeding various materials. This is normal wear for the BrightPad, and does not constitute a defect.  

*"Hardness" refers to a material's resistance to being scratched. The higher the number on the hardness scale, the more scratch-resistant the material. The surface material of most other light box products on the market reaches only a 3.5H on the hardness scale.


Removing dust, adhesive residue, and markings

To clean your BrightPad, we recommend the following: 

  • Use lens cleaning or touchscreen/electronics cleaning wipes, or spray glass cleaner onto a soft cloth and gently wipe away adhesive residue and markings from the surface or body of the BrightPad. 

  • Permanent marker may take a little more effort to remove but it will come off of the surface with a touchscreen cleaning wipe. 

  • Do not use abrasive or other strong cleansers or removers to clean the BrightPad.

  • Do not submerge BrightPad in water. BrightPad is not waterproof and is not dishwasher safe. 


General Care

  • Avoid stacking heavy objects on top of the Cricut BrightPad

  • Avoid storing the BrightPad in extreme temperatures, or in places where the temperature fluctuates dramatically.  





There is no change in the brightness level when I press the +/- buttons

There are 5 distinct levels of brightness in the BrightPad. If there is no change in brightness when you press the +/- buttons, there is a defect in the component that should adjust the brightness. Please contact Member Care for assistance. 


My + or - button is stuck

Try manipulating the button by pressing it around the edges to encourage it to release. If this does not help, please contact Member Care for assistance. 


I have lost the wall adapter for my BrightPad

The BrightPad power cord may be inserted into a computer USB port for power, or into any standard mobile device wall adapter. The Cricut BrightPad wall adapter can accept 100-240V ~ 50/60Hz 0.25A Max. 


I get headaches when using the Cricut BrightPad

The Cricut BrightPad uses daylight-toned LEDs, and the brightness settings, from the lowest setting to the highest, are approximately 400, 1300, 2200, 3100, and 4000 lumens respectively.

Not all materials require the brightest settings, so if you are experiencing headaches or issues with eyesight when using Cricut BrightPad, we recommend adjusting the brightness level to a lower setting, or taking a break periodically to allow your eyes to relax. 

Ambient lighting is also a consideration. The BrightPad's higher levels of brightness are better for settings with more ambient lighting, while the lower levels of brightness are better for settings with less ambient lighting.