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Cricut BrightPad: Tips and Tricks

The Cricut BrightPad is designed to provide backlighting for a variety of crafting projects. Here are some tips for using it with different kinds of projects. 


Vinyl and Iron-on

The Cricut BrightPad helps to reveal the cut paths of your vinyl and iron-on designs to make the weeding process much easier. 

Reveal Cut Paths



  • Generally speaking, cut paths on light-colored materials are easier to see in spaces with less ambient light, using the lower settings on the BrightPad. As ambient and BrightPad lighting are increased, the cut path visibility tends to fade. 

  • Dark-colored materials generally require a brighter setting on the BrightPad. However, if the ambient light is low, a lower setting on the BrightPad may be sufficient to provide the needed contrast. 

  • Thick materials, such as glitter iron-on, often do not allow light to show through. Slightly bending the material above the BrightPad as pictured below will allow light to shine through the cut paths for easier weeding. 

    BrightPad Bend Material

  • Not all materials will require the assistance of the BrightPad. Some cut paths are very easy to see with the naked eye. 



The Cricut BrightPad can be used to provide backlighting for tracing so you can transfer your artwork to a variety of materials. 




  • Transparent materials, or materials with low opacity, are best for tracing as they allow more light to pass through them. This makes seeing and transferring the details of your artwork much easier. 

  • Solid dark-colored materials are not recommended for use in tracing as they block light rather than allowing it through.