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Cricut Maker: Choosing material settings

We have tested hundreds of materials with the Cricut Maker to help take the guesswork out of your dream projects. Choosing a material setting for your cuts is easy!


Choosing a material setting


We recommend always doing a test cut with a small piece of your material before cutting your project to ensure your chosen setting cuts well on your material. 


  1. When you have a Cricut Maker machine connected to your computer or mobile device, the material settings appear as a series of tiles. 

    Materials settings_Computer

    Materials settings_mobile

  2. If you see your material there, simply click or tap on the tile to select the setting. 


What if I don't see my material listed there? 

  1. No worries! Click View All or tap All Materials to access the vast list of material settings. 

    View All_Computer

    All materials_mobile

  2. Now you have a few options: when using a desktop computer, you can choose a category, search for a specific material, or scroll through the list. 

    NoteCricut materials will be marked with the Cricut "C" logo. 

    Search options_computer


    On a mobile device, you can swipe to scroll through the list, or enter a search term in the search field. As you type the list will refresh with results. Swipe to scroll through the list of search results, then tap on a material to select it. 

    Search results_mobile


What if I don't know what kind of fabric I have? 

No problem! We have created some generic materials settings to help you find the right setting for your material. Important: always do a test cut on your material before proceeding with your project. 

  1. In the cut interaction, you'll notice some of the default materials settings that say "Light Fabrics (like Silk)," "Medium Fabrics (like Cotton)," "Heavy Fabrics (like Denim)." 

    Generic settings_computer

    Generic settings_mobile

  2. When your test cut is complete, check to see if the cut goes all the way through your material without cutting too deeply into the mat. If it's perfect, great! If it's close but needs a little more or a little less pressure, you can select "More" or "Less" from the pressure drop-down menu underneath your selected setting. 

    Pressure adjustment_computer

    pressure adjustment_computer

  3. Perform another test cut. Based on those results, either proceed with your project, or select a lighter or heavier fabric setting.