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How do I create my profile in the Cricut community?

The profile feature in Design Space makes it easy for you to publicly share your projects with other Cricut members.


  1. To create your profile in the Cricut community, navigate to

    Navigate to Design Space


  2. Enter your Cricut ID and password, then click "Sign In."

    Sign In


  3. Click on the three-bar menu in the upper left corner of the Home screen.

    Click Account Menu


  4. Click on the “View Profile” link.

    Click View Profile link


  5. On the Profile page, click “Edit Profile” to add an avatar photo and information you’d like other Cricut members to know about you.

    Click Edit Profile Link


  6. Click “Change profile photo” to begin uploading your avatar photo.

    Click Change Profile photo


  7. Click “Upload Image” to browse your computer for the photo you want to use. When you’ve selected the photo, use the slider to resize your photo and reposition as needed.

    Click Upload Image


  8. Click “Done” to return to the Profile page.

    Click Done


  9. If desired, add information in the About Me section that you’d like Cricut members to know about you.

    Add information to the About Me section


  10. Click "Save" to save these changes to your Profile.

    click Save


  11. If you have not shared projects to the Cricut community, five blank project boxes will appear on your Profile page. To learn more about sharing projects, click here

    Blank project boxes


  12. Return to your profile page at any time to make changes.

    Return to profile page



*Profiles in Design Space are not supported on the iOS or Android mobile apps.