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How do I favorite a project? (Windows/Mac)

The new Project Favoriting feature in Design Space makes it easy for you to create a list of your favorite Ready-to-Make and Community projects. Easily retrieve your favorites under the Project Category menu. 


  1. To favorite a project in Design Space, navigate to and sign in with your Cricut ID and password.

    Navigate to Design Space


  2. Once logged in, navigate to a project you want to favorite. This can be a project on the Design Space Home page, a project you find under the Ready-to-Make categories on the Projects page, or a project that someone has shared on social media. 

    Navigate to a project


  3. Click on the star-shaped Favorite icon on the project tile or, if you have the project open, click on the star-shaped Favorite icon below the project photo. 

    Click Favorite icon


  4. The star-shaped Favorite icon will turn solid if you click it, and you'll receive a message stating that the project has been added to My Favorites in the project category menu. 

    Icon turns solid - project added to My Favorites


  5. The number of times a project has been favorited by Cricut members is displayed next to the Favorite star on the expanded project details view.

    Favorite count increases

  6. If you click the star-shaped Favorite icon again, it will return to its outlined state, the Favorite count will decrease by one, and the project will be removed from My Favorites. 

    Deselect Favorite icon


  7. Retrieve your list of favorited projects by selecting My Favorites from the project category menu. 

    Retrieve list of favorited projects