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How do I like a project?

The Cricut Community makes it easy for you to give credit to the crafters that have inspired you with one of their projects. It’s easy and it makes others feel good so be generous with your likes.


NOTE: The Cricut Community site is a new site with several improvements and changes planned for 2018. If you would like to provide feedback that will help us to create a great experience, visit


  1. To like a project on the Cricut Community, navigate to

    Navigate to


  2. Click on the three-bar menu in the upper left-hand corner of the screen. Click on on the “Sign In” link. Enter your Cricut ID and password.

    Sign In - Account Menu


  3. Once logged in, navigate to a project you want to like. This can be a project on your own profile or a project you found while searching the site.

    Navigate to a project to Like


  4. Click on the heart-shaped Like icon on the project tile or if you have the project open, click on the heart-shaped Like icon below the project photo.

    Click on heart-shaped icon-project tile

    Click on heart-shaped icon-project details


  5. The heart-shaped Like icon will turn solid if you click it and the total number of likes for that project will increase by one.

    Heart turns solid, number increases by one


  6. If you click the heart-shaped Like icon again, it will return to its outlined state and the total number of likes for that project will decrease by one.

    Click again to Unlike