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How do I publish a project on the Cricut Community?

The Cricut Community makes it easy for you to publish your projects in one place that other Cricut users can access effortlessly. It’s as easy as 1-2-3!


NOTE: The Cricut Community site is a new site with several improvements and changes planned for 2018. If you would like to provide feedback that will help us to create a great experience, visit





  1. To share a project on the Cricut Community, navigate to



  2. Enter your Cricut ID and password to sign in. 

    Sign In


  3. Once logged in, click on the “View all” link above the “My Projects” ribbon.

    Home Page_My Projects


  4. Scroll through your personal list of projects until you find one you’d like to share with the community.

    Find a project you want to share


  5. Click on the Publish link at the bottom of the tile. This will open up your project in edit mode.

    Click on publish link


  6. To upload a photo of your project, click on the plus button under the Photos header. Select a photo from your desktop. For optimal results, ensure that the photo is already in horizontal or landscape orientation. Click here for additional photo tips.

    Upload a photo


  7. Use the zoom control to size your image up to 300% larger than the original. Use your mouse to position the photo under the large rectangular area at the top of the form. Click the Apply button to save your image edits before proceeding to the rest of the form. You must add at least one photo of your project to publish.

    Size Image and Apply Changes


  8. To edit your Project Name, simply change the title to something that another Cricut user will understand. Your project title must have at least one character in this field to save and to publish.

    Edit project name


  9. To add tags to your project, begin by typing the material you used to make your project, i.e. Acetate, Burlap, Cardstock & Paper, Chipboard, Construction Paper, Corkboard, Craft Foam, Duct Tape, Fabric, Faux Leather, Felt, Foil, Glitter, Iron-on, Leather, Magnet Sheets, Metal, Paper, Poster Board, Sticker Paper, Vellum, Vinyl, Washi Sheet, Window Cling, Wood. Then, if you wish, add additional tags up to a maximum of five. You must add at least one tag to your project to publish.

    Add tags to your projects


  10. Add a brief description of your project up to 500 characters long. Share why and for whom you made the project. If you wish, add some additional tips and instructions for making the project.

    Add project description


  11. The toggle at the bottom of the form should already be set to the right for publishing to the community. Click the Save button.

    Set toggle to Publish to Community


  12. After publishing or editing your project, you will be invited to share your project with your friends via Facebook, Pinterest, Email. You can also copy the link to your project to share later.

    Project Saved Successfully


  13. Once you have published your project, the Share link will be activated on your project tile. Click on this link to share with your friends later.

    Share Link Active on Project Tile


  14. To view your published project on the community, click on your avatar image. This will direct you to your project URL, which you can also copy from the browser to share with your friends.

    Click on avatar to view project in Cricut Community

    Project view in Cricut Community



In Design Space, any canvas with uploaded images is considered a private canvas, ie. the canvas URL cannot be shared. Users can still publish projects with uploaded images for inspiration only, but the community will not be able to access the canvas via the Customize or Make It buttons.