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How do I share a project link with my friends?

The Cricut Community makes it easy for you to share your projects with other Cricut users. Share any project via Facebook, Pinterest, Email, or Text in just minutes.


NOTE: The Cricut Community site is a new site with several improvements and changes planned for 2018. If you would like to provide feedback that will help us to create a great experience, visit


  1. To share a project on the Cricut Community, navigate to

    Navigate to


  2. Navigate to a project you want to share. This can be a project on your own profile or a project you found while searching the site.

    Find a project you want to share


  3. Click on the Share arrow on the project tile or if you have the project open, click on the Share arrow below the project photo.

    Click on the Share arrow on project tile

    Click on Share arrow on project details


  4. Click on the Facebook button to share to Facebook. Leave a comment, select an audience (i.e. your favorite Cricut crafting group on Facebook), and click the Post to Facebook button.

    Share to Facebook


  5. Click on the Pinterest button to share to Pinterest, choose a Board, and click the Save button.

    Share to Pinterest


  6. Click on the Email button to email the link via your email client. Add recipients and click the Send button.

    Share via email


  7. Click on the Copy button to copy the project link to your clipboard. Then paste the link in a direct message or text message to your friends. Use ⌘-V to paste on the Mac or Ctrl-V to paste on Windows.

    Copy link to paste in message to friends