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Deluxe Paper Foil Embossed: Cutting instructions

Add fun, glamorous patterns with the light and dimension of Cricut® Deluxe Paper Foil Embossed! This deluxe paper is perfect for elevated paper crafts, cards, décor, and more.


Cutting Cricut Deluxe Paper Foil Embossed with a Cricut machine

  1. Apply Deluxe Paper Foil Embossed onto Cricut LightGrip cutting mat. Material should stick easily to the mat for cutting and should not slip or slide.   
  2. Load mat into your machine. Cut Deluxe Paper Foil Embossed using the Cut Guide below. 
  3. Carefully remove cuts from the mat. 


Deluxe Paper Foil Embossed Cut Guide

Machine Blade Depth Pressure Speed Multi-Cut Blade Assembly

Cricut Personal

Cricut Create

Cricut Expression

5 Maximum High 1


Cricut Expression 2 5 5 High 1 Regular
Cricut Imagine 5 5 High 1 Regular
Cricut Mini 5 5 High 1 Regular
Cricut Explore Turn the Smart Set dial to "Custom" and select "Foil Embossed Paper."
Cricut Maker Select "Foil Embossed Paper" from the list of material options before cutting.


Results may vary. Always do a test cut to verify settings.