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How to use your Cricut EasyPress

Using the Cricut EasyPress


The simple Cricut EasyPress controls are the secret to your iron-on success. You’ll love the results.


EasyPress controls


TIP: To find the correct time and temperature settings for your specific iron-on project, refer to the Quick Reference Chart included in the box, or click here to find an expanded list of recommended settings. 



  1. Power ON Cricut EasyPress by pressing the power button to the left of the display. 

    • Find a firm, flat, heat-resistant surface, around waist high.

    • Be sure to avoid flimsy ironing boards.

  2. Set the timer and temperature. 

    Set Time and Temp

    • Use the Quick Reference Chart to determine the settings for your project.

    • Press TIMER, then use the +/- buttons to select the desired length of time to apply heat to your iron-on project.

    • Press TEMP, then use the +/- buttons to select the desired temperature. The EasyPress will begin to heat, and the display will show the temperature increasing or decreasing. The Cricut button will be orange while the temperature is adjusting, then green when the desired temperature has been reached. The Cricut EasyPress will beep when it is ready to use.

    • Cricut EasyPress operates at high temperatures that can cause burns or other injury. Use with extreme caution. 

  3. Preheat base material

    Preheat base material

    • Place Cricut EasyPress on your fabric for 3-5 seconds to remove wrinkles and moisture. 

  4. Position your design

    Position your design

    • Place your design where you want it. 

    • Make sure the shiny side (clear liner) is facing up. 

  5. Apply heat on both sides

    Apply heat on both sides

    • Place Cricut EasyPress on your design and start the timer by pressing the Cricut button on the EasyPress.

    • Hold Cricut EasyPress in place and apply gentle pressure until it beeps.

    • Flip the base material heat the back side of the design for 10-15 seconds.

  6. Let the iron on cool completely before you test peel a corner of the liner. If the liner does not lift easily, reapply and reheat a few more seconds.

    Peel off liner