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Cricut EasyPress: Layering iron-on

Make a multicolored and textured masterpiece with an iron-on technique called "layering." 

Layered Image

This image is from the Woodland Whimsy image set. 


How do I layer my iron-on design? 

  1. Many Cricut images are designed with multiple layers that fit together to form a composite image. Design and cut your layered image on your Cricut machine. Be sure to mirror your design before cutting in iron-on so that your image layers are properly oriented once ironed on to your base material.  
  2. Plug in and power on your Cricut EasyPress. 
  3. Set the Cricut EasyPress temperature and timer to the setting that is recommended for your base material. You can find these settings on the Quick Reference card that came in the EasyPress box and welcome booklet, or you can click here to find an expanded chart of recommended settings. 
  4. Preheat your base material with the EasyPress for 5-10 seconds. 
  5. Place the bottom layer of your image onto the base material, then cover with the EasyPress and apply firm pressure for 1-3 seconds. 
    • Firm pressure means using two hands and lots of body weight. It's best to usea table at waist height for ease in applying firm pressure. 
  6. Replace EasyPress in safety base and instantly remove the liner from the applied image layer. This is known as a "hot peel."
    • The adhesive will not be "set" at this time, but with the heat applied with each additional layer, the adhesive for all layers will set properly. 
  7. Repeat steps 5 & 6 for the all remaining layers except for the top layer. 
    • Ensure that exposed sections of each lower layer are completely covered by liner to protect it before applying heat to the layer above. "Exposed sections" are those areas that will not be covered by the new layer of iron-on. 
  8. Top Layer: when adding the top layer of your image, apply firm pressure with the EasyPress for 15 seconds. Note: if using Foil Iron-on for the top layer, apply heat using firm pressure for 10 seconds. 
  9. Flip your base material over and apply heat and firm pressure from the back for 10-15 seconds. 


What types of iron-on can I use when layering? 

All Cricut iron-on can be used in layered projects, but there are some recommendations. 

  • Foil, Glitter, and Holographic Sparkle iron-on are recommended as top layers only
    • Foil: Repeated applications of heat to Foil Iron-on, which is a more delicate film than regular iron-on, can cause an unwanted texture to appear. 
    • Glitter: Due to its texture, iron-on films applied on top of glitter iron-on will not adhere well, and may peel off. 
    • Holographic Sparkle: Holographic Sparkle Iron-on, once applied, is a stick-resistant surface. Iron-on applied on top of Holographic Sparkle Iron-on will not stick. 



  • Keep your image at four layers or fewer for best results. With each applied layer, the design becomes thicker and stiffer, and may not lay as desired when the embellished item is worn or added to your project. 
  • If possible, allow the liner area of inner and top layers to be large enough to cover the bottom layer. This will prevent an imprint of the liner from appearing on layers that have already been applied.