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Cricut EasyPress™: Using iron-on film with non-fabric materials

Iron-on aren't limited to just fabrics. Customize home décor, including wood and paper. 


How do I apply iron-on film to non-fabric materials? 

  1. Ensure that your base material (wood, paper, etc.) is very flat, then place your image onto your base material. 

    • It must be flat so the heat plate can make full contact with your iron-on design.  
  2. Plug in and power on your Cricut EasyPress. 
  3. Set the temperature and timer to the setting that is recommended for your base material. Use this Interactive Quick Reference Guide to find the right settings for your project. 
  4. Place Cricut EasyPress over your image and press the Go button to start the timer. Next, remove your hand from Cricut EasyPress so it stays in place as it heats the iron-on film. 
    • If the iron-on film is moved as it heats, the softened adhesive may cause the iron-on film to slip, leaving an outline of adhesive residue. 
  5. Remove Cricut EasyPress when the timer beeps. While the iron-on film is still warm, rub it a bit with a balled-up cloth. This technique is called burnishing, and it helps the iron-on film adhere to the base material. 



  • If you need to use a press cloth or teflon sheet to protect your base material, you may need to increase the time and/or temperature.