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Cricut EasyPress: Recommended settings

The list of recommended settings for the Cricut EasyPress will continue to be updated as additonal base materials are tested and other iron-on products are released.


What is "Warm Peel" and "Cold Peel"?

"Peel" refers to removing the clear iron-on liner after applying the iron-on design to your project surface. For the best experience with different types of iron-on, we provide a recommendation in the charts below for when to peel away the liner. 

Cold Peel: allow to cool completely before removing liner. Removing liner while still warm or hot may cause the iron-on design to stretch or warp. 

Warm Peel: remove liner while design is warm to the touch, but not hot. This is when removing the liner will be easiest. If you allow it to cool completely, it will just take a little more effort to remove the liner. 


These settings are recommended for using iron-on with the Cricut EasyPress. If using a household iron or other heat press, your settings may be different than those listed here. Refer to iron-on instructions and iron or heat press manufacturers for recommended settings when using an iron or other heat press.