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Cricut EasyPress: Working around seams

Got seams? No problem! From baby onesies, to zipper pouches, to anything with pockets, seams create a bulky barrier to the even heat needed to get the best result from your iron-on. Use our simple tricks below to get the best results for your project. 

Baby onesie


Using a firm, flat surface

When you are ready to apply your design to your base material, and are using a firm surface, position the seams over the edge so that the application area is completely flat. This way the Cricut EasyPress will be able to achieve full contact with the image for even heating.


Using a folded towel

A folded towel with an even pile* also provides a good surface for using the Cricut EasyPress. No need to place the seams of your base material over the edge. Place the folded towel on a hard flat surface. When you apply gentle pressure** with the Cricut EasyPress, the seams of your base material will sink into the threads of the towel, which simultaneously support the application area when compressed. This creates the flat surface needed to achieve the best seal for even heating. 

*"Pile" refers to the many small threads that make up the surface of the towel. 

**Gentle pressure means one hand with 5-10 lbs of body weight.​


Fill it up

When working with zipper pouches or other items that have several seams within a very small area, fold a washcloth or towel two or three times and insert it into the item. This will cause the application area to be raised so that the Cricut EasyPress can avoid the seams, providing the even heat needed for best results for your project. 

  • Be sure not to bunch the cloth or towel. Though raised, it should still be an even surface. 

  • A cloth or towel with even texture (no embedded patterns) is best.