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Cricut EasyPress Mat

The Cricut EasyPress mat is coming soon! But until then, it’s easy enough to create the right iron-on environment using items you probably already have at home.


What to look for:

  • A firm, flat surface for your foundation. A waist-high table is perfect.

    • Great examples you have at home:  craft table, kitchen table, wood table, butcher block, marble or wood cutting board.

  • A suitable protective mat/layer. The layer on top of your foundation must be heat-resistant, have good insulation properties, and wick moisture.

    • The ideal example you likely have at home:a fluffy cotton bath towel with even texture (no embedded patterns), folded so it’s about 3 inches thick.


What to avoid:

  • Ironing board. It has an uneven surface and it’s not solid or sturdy enough to allow for gentle pressure.

  • Corrugated cardboard. When pressed, it creates an uneven surface.

  • Silicone baking mats/aluminum foil. Neither provide insulation and both get dangerously hot.