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My fabric keeps getting caught under the rollers. Why is it doing that?

This may be happening because the fabric has been placed or extends outside of the adhesive area of your mat allowing it to pass under the wide rubber rollers on either side of the roller bar. When that happens, those rubber rollers can grip the fabric, pulling it askew or causing it to get caught in the machine. 

Before placing the fabric on your mat, we recommend that you cut it down to a size that will fit on the mat, but does not extend outside of the adhesive area. 12 x 12 and 12 x 24 are the standard sizes for the adhesive area on the FabricGrip mat.  

If you can see that your fabric extends outside of the adhesive square once placed on the mat, simply use a ruler and a hand-held rotary cutter to trim it or, if it is cut to a size that will fit within the adhesvie area, you can reposition it within the adhesive area. 

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