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Design Space Offline (iOS) FAQ

What is offline for Cricut Design Space (iOS)?

Cricut Design Space (iOS) allows you to design and cut projects without an Internet connection. Download your content onto your device to use offline.

Offline capabilities for Cricut Design Space (iOS) allow you to design and cut using downloaded content without an Internet connection.

What can I download for offline use?

All images, fonts, and projects that you own or have the rights to can be downloaded for offline use. This includes uploaded images and Cricut Access images while your membership is active. Handpick what you download so only the images, fonts, and projects you need most are saved on your device.

How do I save my projects to use offline?

With an Internet connection:

Simply tap Save As and select Save to this iPad/iPhone.

Offline Saving projects 1


Without an Internet connection:

Tap Save to automatically save your project to your device.


How do I download images to use offline?

To download an image for offline use, open the Images screen, select an image, and tap Download. The image label will read “Downloaded” once the download is complete.



How many images can I download at a time?

Cricut Design Space does not limit the total number of images you can download to your device. Up to 50 images may be selected in a single batch. Once a batch of selected images has completed downloading, additional images may be selected and downloaded.

What does the Select Visible button do?

Tapping Select Visible in the bottom left of the images screen will select all images that are visible on the screen. This feature may be useful when attempting to quickly select and download multiple images at once.

How do I view the images I’ve downloaded?

To view downloaded images, open the Images view, tap the filter icon, and select On this iPad/iPhone. When working offline, On this iPad/iPhone will be the default image view.

How do I download fonts to use offline?

Downloading fonts to your device is easy. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Tap the Text button
  2. Tap the Select button on the top left of the Font view
  3. Select the fonts you want to download by tapping on them
  4. Tap the Download button in the top right of the selection view

Only fonts without a price next to them can be downloaded. If you attempt to download a font you don’t have permissions to use, you will be prompted to purchase the font prior to downloading it.

How do I view the projects I’ve saved to my device?

To view projects that have been saved to your device, tap the 3 bars at the top of the projects screen and select My Projects on this iPad/iPhone. When working offline, On this iPad/iPhone will be the default project view.

Can I save Ready-to-Make projects to my device?

To save a Ready-to-Make project to your device, tap the Customize option, then tap Save As, and select Save to this iPad/iPhone. Please note that project photos and instructions will not be saved offline.

How long can I use free images offline?

Free images, including basic shapes, can be used up to 7 consecutive days without connecting to the Internet. To renew image permissions, simply launch the app while connected to the Internet.

Can I use my Cricut Access images while offline?

Yes. Cricut Access images can be downloaded while your membership is active. These images can be used without an Internet connection for 30 days or until the subscription renewal date, whichever comes first. At that time, you will be prompted to connect to the Internet to confirm your Cricut Access membership in order to continue using those images offline.

How do I remove downloaded images?

From the Images screen, select one or more downloaded images, and tap Remove.

The Remove button will only appear if all selected images have been downloaded. If one or more selected images have not been downloaded, the Download button will be displayed.

Do my offline projects automatically sync with my cloud projects when I connect to the Internet?

No. Projects saved to your device are saved as separate files and will not automatically sync to the cloud.

How can I update the cloud version of my project with changes made to my downloaded project?

Projects are saved as separate files and are not automatically synced to the cloud. While online, updating your cloud project is easy:

  1. Open the downloaded project and select Save As
  2. Rename the project using the same name as the cloud version of the project
  3. Select Save to the Cloud, and confirm that you want to update the existing project


What features are not available while offline?

The following features are only available with an Internet connection: 

  • Print then Cut calibration
  • Custom Materials
  • New machine setup
  • Cartridge and category views
  • Uploading Images

Is offline available for the desktop version of Design Space?

No. Offline capabilities are available for the Design Space iOS app only.

Can cartridges be downloaded for offline use?

Entire cartridges cannot be selected for offline use. However, individual images within the cartridges can be selected and downloaded.

What happens to the projects and images on my device if I sign out of the app?

Downloaded projects and images are associated with your Cricut ID. If you sign out of the app after downloading images, you must log in again to access that downloaded content. Please note that you will not be able to sign out of the app while offline and that deleting the app will also delete any items you’ve saved to your device.