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Cricut Design Space Beta for Android - Submitting Bug Reports and Feedback

When using the Cricut Design Space Beta for Android app, if you encounter something that isn't working the way you think it should, or have an idea about how to improve the experience with the app, please submit the problem or feedback using the Feedback tool that is found in the Account Menu. 

Before submitting a bug report, check the list of Known Issues; if the issue is on the list, there is no need to report it as the developers are already aware and working on the issue.

If possible, take a screenshot of the issue. If you need help knowing how to take a screenshot on your device, refer to your device user manual, or click here.  


  1. Tap on the Account Menu in the app. Then tap Feedback.

    Feedback Tool-Account Menu

  2. A small window will appear and give you the option to Send Bug Report or Send Feedback. Tap the option that best describes what you wish to submit. 

    Send Feedback or Send Bug Report

  3. A reporting form will appear where you can enter your email address and describe the problem or suggestion in detail. When sending a Bug Report, be as detailed as possible in describing the issue and the steps you took to arrive at the problem. This will help the developers to narrow down and correct the root cause of the problem. 

    Feedback Tool 3

  4. If you would like to add a screenshot or voice note to your Bug Report or Feedback, tape the "+" tile that appears at the bottom of the reporting form. You will be presented with 3 options: Select Image from Gallery, Take Screenshot, Record a Voice Note. Tap the option for what you wish to do. 

    Feedback Tool 4

    • Select Image from Gallery: tapping this option will open your image gallery. If you have several folders in your gallery, choose the appropriate one and tap on the relevant image to attach it to your report. 

    • Take Screenshot: tapping this option will return you to the Design Space screen you were on when you selected the Feedback tool. There will be a small camera symbol in the bottom center of your screen. Tap that symbol to take a screenshot and attach it to your report. 

      Feedback tool 5

      You can annotate any images that you attach to your report. Simply tap on the image you wish to annotate where it appears at the bottom of the reporting form. The image will enlarge and you will see a basic color palette at the bottom of the image, along with an eraser symbol. Tap on the color you wish to use, make your annotations, then tap the arrow in the upper right corner of the image to return to the Bug or Feedback report. Be advised that using the eraser tool will remove all annotations from that image, not just the most recent addition. Image annotation should not take the place of a detailed description of the bug. 

      Feedback Tool 6

    • Record a Voice Note: tapping this option will open a tab with a button for you to press and hold to record your note. When you release the button, the voice note will automatically be attached to your report. 

      Feedback Tool 7

  5. When you have finished your report, tap the paper airplane symbol in the upper right corner of the reporting form to submit your report. You will receive a message when the report has been received. 

    Feedback Tool 8



How to Take A Screenshot on your Android Device

The method for taking screenshots may differ from one device to another. If the tips below do not help, please refer to your device's user manual for help learning how to take a screenshot on your device.

  • Press and hold the power and home buttons simultaneously for 1-2 seconds. The screenshot will be copied to the clipboard and saved to the Screenshots folder in the Gallery. 
  • Lay the side of your hand on the screen and swipe across more than half of the screen while keeping in contact with it. You can do this from left to right, or from right to left. The screenshot will be copied to the clipboard and saved to the Screenshots folder in the Gallery.

    Feedback Tool 9