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How do I link cartridges to my Cricut Gypsy device?

The Gypsy comes with two cartridges already authorized to be cut using your Gypsy. These cartridges are Gypsy Font and Gypsy Wanderings. These two cartridges exist in electronic form only on the Gypsy. If you discover other cartridges you like, you can purchase them at You will then be able to link those cartridges to the Gypsy and cut the designs that use them.


Using the Cartridge Link Cable that comes with Gypsy, connect your cartridges to the Gypsy one at a time and link them to the Gypsy. The act of linking allows you to cut all the artwork from linked cartridges from your Gypsy without having to connect the cartridge again to the Gypsy or your Cricut. It also allows you to cut the cartridge’s content on a Cricut without the cartridge being present.


Content and firmware updates for the Cricut Gypsy have been discontinued as of March 2016. Any cartridges released after this date will not be compatible to link with a Gypsy device.


To link a cartridge to the Gypsy:


  1. Plug the Cartridge Link Cable that came with the Gypsy into both the Gypsy and the cartridge.
  2. Turn on the Gypsy.
  3. From the Application Launcher, click the Cricut App button to get to the Cricut App Screen, OR push the Menu button (physical button to the right of the screen) from any Cricut App screen to get to the Main Menu.
  4. From either of these screens, click the Link Cartridge button.
  5. When the linking is complete, a message will display informing you that the link was successful. Click OK.


Cartridges can be linked to only one Gypsy. The unique serial number on your Gypsy is copied to the cartridge. This links your cartridge to your Gypsy, preventing it from being linked to another Gypsy or Cricut account. The cartridge will continue to work in the Cricut machines which do not require a computer.


If you have any issues with linking the cartridges, please visit this help article.


You can transfer your cartridges from Gypsy to your Cricut account, so you can use them in Cricut Craft Room (older machines) or Design Space (Explore machines). Please visit this help article for more details.