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How do I change or reset my Cricut account password?

If you have forgotten your Cricut account password, or would like to change the password, please follow the steps below. Your login ID and password is the same for the website and Cricut Design Space software.


Changing your Cricut Account Password:

  1. Log in to your account at  
  2. Click on your name to access your account details and then click "Account Information" from the menu to the left of your account overview. Your first and last name will be listed along with your current Cricut ID email.  
  3. Click in the box next to "Change Password" and then enter your current password and new password in the required fields on the Change Password area.


    Reset Password


  4. Click "Save", and your password is reset! Next time you log in to or Cricut Design Space, you will use the new password.


Resetting your Cricut Account Password:

If you have forgotten your Cricut account password, you can click the "Forgot?" link on the, Design Space, or iOS Apps sign-in page, and request an email to be sent with a link to reset your Cricut password.