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Craft Foam: Cutting Instructions

Give DIY projects and layered accents a new sense of depth with uniquely textured Cricut Craft Foam for Cricut Explore. Cut shapes to make one-of-a-kind 3D accents, stencils, embellishments, and kid's games. Find cutting instructions and tips below. 


Cutting Cricut Craft Foam with the Cricut Explore 

  1. Place Craft Foam onto Cricut cutting mat* with grain running vertically.
  2. Select and size images and load mat into the machine. 
  3. Turn the Smart Set dial to "Custom" (Explore). Next select "Browse all materials" (Explore and Maker) and select "Distressed Craft Foam" or "Plush Craft Foam" from the list of custom materials. 
  4. Press CUT.


*We recommend using the Strong Grip mat and Deep Point Blade and housing. For best results, avoid cutting intricate images smaller than 2 in. x 2 in.