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How thick are Cricut Materials?

Cricut carries a variety of cutting materials so that you can add the perfect touches to your DIY projects. Most materials can be cut on all Cricut machines. Find information below about the thickness of different Cricut cutting materials.  


Cricut Material Name Thickness (in mm)
Cardstock, Glitter 0.5
Cardstock, Solid Core 0.27
Cutting Mat Protector 0.08
Fabric, Printable 0.37
Foam, Distressed 2.32
Foam, Plush 2.15
Foil, Adhesive Backed 0.25
Iron-On Neon 0.22
Iron-On, Flocked 0.57
Iron-On, Foil 0.25
Iron-On, Glitter 0.5
Iron-On, Lite 0.18
Iron-on, Printable 0.013
Leather, Faux 1
Magnet Sheets, Printable 0.28
Pearl Paper 0.12
Poster Board, Foil 0.29
Poster Board, Metallics  0.35
Sticker Paper, Printable 0.2
Vellum 0.09
Vinyl, Chalkboard 0.29
Vinyl, Dry Erase 0.25
Vinyl, Glitter 0.23
Vinyl, Premium Outdoor 0.13
Vinyl, Printable 0.3
Vinyl, Regular 0.23
Vinyl, Stencil  0.2
Washi Sheets 0.15
Window Cling 0.2
Window Cling, Frosted 0.37