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Foil Acetate: Cutting Instructions


Cutting Foil Acetate

  1. Remove protective film from the back of the Foil Acetate sheet. Place sheet onto Cricut StandardGrip cutting mat. For best results, place acetate sheet on mat with the foil side up. 
  2. Select and size your image(s). Load mat into the machine. 
  3. Refer to Foil Acetate Custom Cut Guide to adjust machine settings. 
  4. Press CUT. 

When scoring Foil Acetate Sheets with your Cricut machine, repeat the score lines by hand using the backside of a butter knife or a bone folder and a ruler. 


Foil Acetate Custom Cut Guide

Machine Blade Depth Pressure Speed Multi-Cut Blade Assembly

Cricut Personal

Cricut Create

Cricut Expression

5 Maximum High 1


Cricut Expression 2 4 5 High 1 Regular
Cricut Imagine 5 5 High 1 Regular
Cricut Mini 5 4 High 1 Regular
Cricut Explore Turn the Smart Set dial to "Custom" and select "Foil Acetate."


Results may vary. Always do a test cut to verify settings.