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How do I find the Free Images of the Week?

Cricut offers free digital images every week to be used with the Design Space software. To see what are the free images for this week, please click this link. To find the free images for the week in Design Space please follow the steps below:


Design Space (Windows/Mac):

  1. Sign in to Design Space (
  2. Click on New Project.
  3. From the design screen, click Images on the design panel to the left of the canvas.
  4. Click on the CATEGORIES index at the top of the screen, then click Free this Week.


Free This Week

Design Space / Cricut Basics (iOS):

  1. Launch Design Space or Cricut Basics App.
  2. Create a new project if you are on Design Space App.
  3. Click Image from the bottom.
  4. Under Categories, select Free this Week.

Free this Week - iOS



Remember, you can only cut this content for free this week. Next week we will have different content for you to have fun with!