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How to install Bluetooth Adapter in Explore machine

This article helps with installing the Bluetooth adapter in Explore or Explore One machines. Cricut Explore Air has in-built Bluetooth, and does not require an adapter.

  1. Power on the Cricut Explore or Explore One machine.

  2. Remove the cap from the Bluetooth Adapter.

  3. Insert the adapter into the Explore with the text Cricut facing up.

    • The adapter goes about 2/3rd of the way into the machine.

    • When the end of the adapter lights up blue, you can’t push the adapter in any further, it is installed correctly.




Please make sure you remove the Bluetooth Adapter prior to placing the Cricut Explore in the carry bag – the adapter does stick out from the machine and it could break or get shoved into the machine, which could damage the adapter and/or the Bluetooth port inside the Cricut Explore.