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How do I transfer the cartridges from my Gypsy to my Cricut account?

You can transfer the cartridges from your Gypsy to your Cricut account by linking the Gypsy and Craft Room. Once complete, your content will automatically be available in Design Space as well.


Linking Gypsy to Cricut Craft Room:


  1. First perform the following so that your software and Gypsy are completely up to date:
    • Download and install the latest version of Cricut Craft RoomCricut Sync.
    • Register your Gypsy to the same email account that you use for Craft Room (Help Article).
    • Update your Gypsy to the latest firmware (Help Article).
  2. At the end of the update, you should have the version 0232:0313 in your Gypsy (How to check?).
  3. Close Cricut Sync and open the Cricut Craft Room and sign in.
  4. From the top menu, under “Options,” select “Link Gypsy”.
  5. You will see a screen with details about linking your Cricut Gypsy device.
    • Click on Sync - This connects any content from Cricut Craft Room to your Gypsy, similar to digital content updating.
    • Then, click on Uplink - This will upload cartridges from Gypsy device to your account through Cricut Craft Room. To perform the first Uplink, you will need to agree to the terms and conditions.
  6. When the content uplink is finished, you’ll see a screen saying both actions are complete.
  7. Click "Close". That’s it!


All cartridges from your Gypsy device are now linked to your account so that you can use them in Craft Room and vice-versa. Because they are now linked to your account, those cartridges will automatically be available in Design Space as well, as long as you use the same Cricut ID to sign in to Design Space. 


Link Gypsy


Please contact Customer Care through one of the options below if you need additional help with linking your Gypsy and Craft Room.