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Cricut Maker: Moving the star wheels on the roller bar

The small white rings on your Cricut Maker™ roller bar are called star wheels. These wheels help keep materials from shifting during cutting, especially when using the Print Then Cut feature. However, when working with thicker materials — like leather, felt, and craft foam — they can leave track marks. 


Track marks on Craft Foam


Before cutting these materials, and before cutting with Knife Blade, move the star wheels all the way to the right. Here's how to do it: 

  1. If the carriage is in the way, power your machine OFF, then gently move the carriage to either side until you have enough room to maneuver the star wheels. 

  2. Grasp a star wheel between a thumb and forefinger and use gentle pressure to move it toward the larger rubber rollers on the right side of the roller bar. Repeat for each wheel.  

    • Note: Firm pressure may be required when moving the star wheels for the first time. Stabilize the machine with one hand as you reposition the star wheels. 

    Moved star wheels

  3. When cutting thinner materials, slide the star wheels back into place, spacing them equal distance apart (approximately 2.2"). 



When moved to the side, the star wheels will overlap part of the cut area on your mat. We recommend that you cut your material down to allow approximately 1" on the right side of the cutting mat; this way, the material won't pass under the star wheels as the mat moves back and forth through the machine.


In Design Space, use the mat preview screen to make sure your images don't extend beyond your material. Change your material size in Design Space, if necessary, to prevent you from placing images outside of the material area. Learn how to change material size in Design Space. 

 Material cut down to size