Move and hide on mats: Cricut Design Space for iOS

The move and hide on mats feature in the Cricut Design Space iOS app allows you to conserve material by manually consolidating your project elements onto fewer mats, or hiding the ones you don't need. This feature is found in the mat preview of the app, and is accessed by tapping the "More Options" icon in the top left of the image selection box. Follow the links below to learn more. 


Key benefits

  • Save material by consolidating cuts onto fewer mats
  • More control over mat layout
  • Recut portions of a mat by hiding unwanted elements
  • Use SnapMat and move images between mats to better manage scraps
  • Make last-minute color changes by moving elements to a new mat



  • Use the tap and hold gesture to select multiple elements on the mat. This enables you to move or hide multiple elements at a time. 
  • When consolidating cuts, use the pinch gesture on the mat to zoom in for detailed adjustments. 
  • Updating project copies resets any changes made on the mat, so it's important to finalize the number of project copies prior to moving and hiding elements. 
  • Elements inherit the properties of the mat they are being moved to, such as color and mirror state. 
  • When you select multiple elements to move at the same time, these elements maintain their relative position when moved to another mat. Once the move is complete, you can re-position them individually as needed. 
  • Any mats left empty after moving items from one mat to another will not be deleted from the mat preview, but will automatically be skipped during cutting. 


How do I move items to another mat? 

  1. Select the elements on the mat that you want to move. 
  2. Tap the "More Options" icon in the top left of the selection box. 

    Move and Hide 2

  3. Select Move to Another Mat

    Move and Hide 3

  4. Choose where to move the selected elements

    Move and Hide 4

  5. Reposition elements on the mat to save space

    Move and Hide 5


How do I move items to a new mat? 

  1. Select elements on the mat that you want to move.
  2. Tape the "More Options" icon in the top left of the selection box

    Move and Hide 6

  3. Select Move to Another Mat

    Move and Hide 7

  4. Choose Create New Mat

    Move and Hide 8

  5. Select a material color for the new mat

    Move and Hide 9


How do I hide elements on the mat? 

  1. Select elements on the mat that you want to hide.
  2. Tap the "More Options" icon in the top left of the selection box.

    Move and Hide 10

  3. Tap Hide Selected

    Move and Hide 11

  4. The Hidden icon will appear for an mats containing hidden elements. 

    Move and Hide 12

  5. Tap the Hidden icon to choose which hidden elements you want to add back to the mat. 




Q: Can I move printable images to another mat? 

A: Printable images cannot be moved to another mat at this time. 


Q: If I move an image to a different color mat, does it affect my layout on the canvas? 

A: Changes made on the mat do not affect the canvas. 


Q: How can I move multiple images to a new mat at the same time? 

A: Select an image, then tap and hold on other images to select them at the same time. All selected images can then be moved together. 


Q: How many images can I move to a single mat? 

A: There is no limit to the number of images that can be moved onto a mat. 


Q: Can I decrease the price of a project by hiding images from the mat? 

A: No, the project price is not re-calculated when images are hidden. 


Q: Can I save my mat layout? 

A: No, mat layouts cannot be saved. Whenever you go back to the canvas, all changes to the mats will be reset.