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How do I remove and replace the accessory adapter for my Explore or Maker machine?

The accessory adapter is pre-installed in accessory Clamp A. It’s not necessary to remove the accessory adapter in order to insert a pen or scoring stylus. However, if you need to insert or remove the accessory adapter, follow these steps:

  1. Open accessory Clamp A.
  2. Place your thumb underneath the accessory adapter and apply pressure upwards while pushing down on the clamp. The adapter will pop out of the accessory clamp.


    Remove Accessory Adapter


  3. To re-install the accessory adapter, place a finger underneath clamp A to stabilize it as you reinsert the accessory adaptor from above. Apply some pressure while inserting the adaptor. The adapter will snap into place when properly installed.


    Replace Accessory Adapter


The accessory adapter for the Explore One is different than the accessory adapter for the Explore, Explore Air, Explore Air 2 and Cricut Maker machines. In the Explore One, the accessory adapter is switched with the blade housing when the user wishes to write or score. For the Explore, Explore Air, Explore Air 2, and Cricut Maker machines, the accessory adapter is housed in its own clamp, separate from the blade housing.