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Cricut Maker: All about Knife Blade

It's everything you wanted to know about Cricut Knife Blade. Use the links below for FAQs and help articles. 


Top 10 things to know about Knife Blade

Watch this video to learn the top 10 things you need to know about working with Knife Blade. 



Knife Blade FAQ

Get answers to frequently asked questions about Knife Blade.



Prepare Cricut Maker machine to cut with Knife blade

When cutting thick materials with Knife Blade, always move the white star wheels on the roller bar all the way to the right. This gives clearance for thicker materials and ensures you won't end up with track marks on your finished project. Read the detailed instructions.  



Prep your material and mat for Knife blade

Before cutting with Knife Blade, prepare your material and mat following these specific guidelines.



Calibrate Knife blade

Using Knife Blade requires a quick and painless calibration process before you can use your new tool. It's so easy you may not even need these step-by-step instructions.



Knife Blade cut-time expectations

Thicker materials require multiple cut passes, which means that Knife Blade cuts take significantly more time than when cutting thinner materials with other blades.



Cutting specific materials

Knife Blade was designed to cut thicker and denser materials that cannot be easily or successfully cut with other blades. Make something amazing with these materials: 



Adding one more cut pass

When cutting with Knife Blade, Design Space will ask if you wish to add one more cut pass to get a complete cut.



Cleaning the mat after cutting with Knife blade

Some materials generate dust or debris while cutting that stick to the cutting mat. To prolong the life of your mat adhesive, follow these simple steps.



Replacing Knife blade

When you need to replace your blade, we've got simple instructions right here. 




My project stopped cutting and the Go button on my machine is flashing again. What do I do?

If your project stops cutting part way through and the Go button starts flashing, this means that the machine has encountered an error. But don't worry — just read this and you'll be cutting again in no time.