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Cricut Maker: Multi-layer fabric cutting

Cut two or three layers of light cotton at the same time on your Cricut Maker machine! Here's how: 


Preparing the fabric

1. Cut your fabric pieces down to a size that will fit on the cutting mat and press to remove any wrinkles. 

2. Working on a protected surface, adhere two or three layers of light cotton fabric together using a temporary fabric adhesive, such as basting spray.

  • Spray the entire first layer, being sure to coat it evenly and all the way to the edges. 
  • Place the second layer of fabric on top of the first (ensure prints or right sides are facing the same direction) and press your hands down over the whole area, gently smoothing out wrinkles as needed. Check for shifting. 
    • Note: Basting spray is temporary and starts to break down with agitation, so the more you smooth or reposition, the more it will break down and may shift during cutting. If you notice any areas shifting, spray the affected area again and press back down. 
  • If adhering three layers, spray the second layer of fabric with the spray, coating evenly and to the edges. Place third layer of fabric on top of the second and press down with your hands over the whole area. Check for shifting. 
  • Do not place fabric on the FabricGrip cutting mat before adhering layers together. Overspray from the fabric adhesive may collect on the sides of the mat and transfer onto the rollers of your machine.  

3. Place the adhered layers onto the FabricGrip cutting mat and use a brayer to create a firm bond between the fabric and the cutting mat's adhesive.

  • Important: Ensure that the fabric does not extend beyond the adhesive area of the mat. If it does, use a rotary cutter to trim any fabric that extends beyond the adhesive area of the mat. 
  • Fabric does not need to be placed right side down on the mat when cutting multiple layers, but if you do place it on the mat with the right side down, be sure to mirror mats in Design Space before cutting. 


Cutting multiple layers

1. On the Mat Preview in Design Space, move your images so that they are at least 1/2" from the edge of the fabric to prevent skipping or snagging. 

  • We recommend turning off any fabric markings to be made with a pen as they will only appear on the top layer. 

    Turn off fabric markings

2. Select the "Light Cotton, 2 Layers" setting if you'll be cutting through two layers, or the "Light Cotton, 3 Layers" setting if you'll be cutting through three layers. 

3. Load the mat into the Cricut Maker machine, and follow the prompts in Design Space to cut your project. 

4. Use tweezers to remove your cuts from the mat. Then separate the fabric layers. You're ready to sew!

  • If your pieces are still a little sticky, letting them dry will reduce any stickiness. 


Multi-layer fabric settings are for Cricut Maker only, and require the Rotary Blade.