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New features: Design Space for Windows/Mac

August 2, 2018

Crafting in centimeters just got better! You asked and Cricut listened: 

  • Design Space now retains your settings after switching to metric units. No more switching your settings back to centimeters each time you reload the page!

    Switching to metric units
  • A3, A4, and A5 material sizes are now available on the Prepare screen! 
    Note: These new size options do not yet apply to Print Then Cut mats. 

    Material sizes in centimeters


July 13, 2018

  • Profiles
    • Select an avatar image and upload to your profile.
    • Write a short bio describing who you are and what you like to make with your Cricut. 
    • Choose which projects you want to show on your profile by turning the "Visible to Others" toggle ON. 
    • Choose which projects you want to hide on your profile by turning the "Visible to Others" toggle OFF. 
    • Visit this article to learn how to create your profile. 
  • Favorite Count
    • The number of times a project has been favorited by Cricut members is now displayed next to the Favorite star on the expanded project details view.
    • Visit this article to learn how to favorite projects in Design Space.  
  • Photo Rotation
    • New functionality makes it easy to rotate the photos you upload when you share your projects. Rotate, zoom, and position your photos before you save your project. 
    • Visit this article to learn how to rotate photos when you share your projects in Design Space. 



June 28, 2018

  • Scoring Wheel settings and functionality are now live in Design Space. 
    • Learn all about Scoring Wheel tools.
    • Set, Load, Go screen will prompt to insert Scoring Wheel for Cricut Maker scoring projects. Click Edit Tools link to select a different tool. 
      Edit tools link
  • Multi-layer fabric cutting is here! Learn how to cut two or three layers of light cotton with Cricut Maker following these simple instructions.  



May 17, 2018

  • Educational videos on the home page
    • The web version of the Design Space home page now includes a ribbon with instructional videos. 
      Educational videos ribbon
    • When clicked, tiles in the ribbon open a video player. 
      Video player
    • Tiles can be either single videos or a playlist of videos. Click on the triple-bar icon in the top left of the player to see all of the videos on the playlist. 
      Triple-bar iconView playlist
    • Clicking on the "View All on YouTube" link opens a new browser tab with the official Cricut YouTube channel. 
      View all on YouTube
      Official Cricut YouTube channel
  • Updated selection for blades on "Set, Load, Go" screen. 
    • A new "Edit Tools" link replaces the former "Choose Another Blade" link
      Edit tools link
    • When clicked, Design Space displays your tool options for the material that was selected. Click on a tool to select it, then click "Continue."
      Select tool from options
    • The new selection will be reflected on the "Set, Load, Go" screen. 
      Change reflected on cut preview screen


May 10, 2018

  • Print Then Cut with writing style fonts
    • Convert writing style fonts to Print Then Cut objects to retain the single-stroke handwriting look for your projects.
    • You can print them on a background shape or as stand-alone objects. 
    • Click here for step-by-step instructions. 
  • Print Then Cut with Write images
    • Convert images designed with Write line type to Print Then Cut objects! 
    • You can print them on a background shape or as stand-alone images. 
    • Click here for step-by-step instructions.


May 1, 2018

  • You can now cut materials with the Knife Blade
    • Get precise cuts through thick or dense materials such as balsa wood, leather, craft foam, and more.
    • Perfect for projects with extra dimension like puzzles, dinosaur skeletons, models, leather goods, dioramas, wood decor, and so much more.

Visit this article for important information on using the Knife Blade. 



April 3, 2018

  • Curved Text
    • You can now curve text in the web version of Design Space! Visit this article to learn how to use Curved Text in Design Space. 
  • Project Favoriting
    • Favorite projects with one click, then easily find them in new My Favorites filter! Visit this article to learn how to favorite projects in Design Space. 
  • Project Sharing 
    • New functionality makes it easy to share your projects to Facebook or Pinterest with just a few clicks! Visit this article to learn how to share your projects. 
  • More button
    • New button holds tools that do not fit on your toolbar(s). If your screen size is too small, More button(s) will appear. Clicking on More will reveal the tools. 

      More buttons

  • Community Projects Ribbon
    • New ribbon on the Home page shows featured projects made by users in the Cricut Community!

      Community Ribbon

  • My Projects Link
    • Easily access your projects by clicking on this link in the global navigation bar. 

      My Projects Link on Home Page



March 1, 2018

  • Favorite Materials
    • You can now select up to 12 of your favorite materials to be displayed on the Set, Load, Go screen. 
    • Materials can be favorited or unfavorited by selecting or deselecting the gold star for that material. The star will appear gold when selected, or as a blank outline when not selected.
      • The star is located in the upper right corner of the material tile on the Set, Load, Go screen: 

        Favorite materials - set load go


      • The star will also appear to the far right of the material row when viewing the list of all materials: 

        Favorite materials-all materials view


    • Favorite materials are based on the combination of your account and a specific machine. 
      • Favorites will be available in the mobile apps at a later date. When available for the mobile apps, favorites set up using the desktop version of Design Space will appear in the mobile apps and vice versa, provided you are connected to the same machine.  
      • Users with multiple machines will need to set up favorite materials for each machine. 
    • Popular materials will be displayed until at least one favorite material is established, and which point "Favorites" will be the default view. 
    • Add and delete favorite materials as your crafting changes. Simply select or unselect the star as needed to adjust the list. 
    • An alphabetical list of favorites can found under the Favorites tab in the All materials screen:  

      Favorites tab - all materials view




January 16, 2018

  • My Ready-to-Make projects ribbon on the Home page
    • A new ribbon will appear on the Home page under the My Projects ribbon. 
    • The content in this new ribbon matches what is found in the My Ready-to-Make Projects category in the projects drop down box. Content will be populated over the course of the next week. 
    • The ribbon will only appear for members who have purchased a non-customizable project or who have registered a Maker machine. 

      My Ready to Make projects ribbon

    • The new ribbon will include: 

      • Any sewing projects you have already purchased. 

      • Any non-customizable projects you purchase from now on. 

      • All of the "free for Maker" projects that cannot be customized. 




January 9, 2018

  • My Ready-to-Make projects
    • This new category under the "Projects" drop down will soon include: 
      • Any sewing project you have already purchased
      • All of the "free for Maker" projects that cannot be customized. 

      My Ready to Make projects

  • Rotary blade calibration tool
    • Use this tool to calibrate your rotary tool after replacing your blade. Find step-by-step instructions here 
  • Bug fixes
    • Small visual changes to the Canvas ruler, gridlines, and zoom 
    • Small visual changes on the Layers panel for icon spacing, label spacing, rearranging layers
    • Various production issues




October 25, 2017

  • Chronological sort of uploaded images
    • Uploaded images are now sorted chronologically on the projects screen when the “uploaded” filter is selected. 

      Uploaded image sort

  • Bug Fixes



October 15, 2017

  • Improved viewing of images on mat preview
    • Images on mat preview are now slightly darker/lighter than the mat background for better visibility and have a more distinctive border.
      Mat Preview image border_New
      Mat preview image border_Old


    • Added a zoom feature on mat preview

      Zoom on Mat Preview

  • Improved speed for loading complex projects on mat preview
    • Previously, complex projects could be slow or fail to load on mat preview.
  • Bug Fixes


October 4, 2017

  • Bug Fixes, including:
    • Better handling of patterns on Print Then Cut images
    • Easier viewing of mat number on light mats on mat preview screen



September 21, 2017

  • Touchscreen support
    • Design Space now supports touchscreen devices on upload, canvas, and mat preview screens for all supported browsers. 
    • Microsoft Edge restricts touchscreen activities on the canvas, but layers panels and toolbars work as expected.
  • Bug fixes



September 6, 2017


  • Templates
    • Templates are back! Use templates to change the background of your canvas for better project visualization. See full details here.
  • Bug Fixes



August 15, 2017


Right click on Canvas

  • Perform editing functions via a right-click menu 




Project details step-out photos

  • Hover over photos in project details instructions to enlarge for better viewing


    Project detail step out photos



Advanced print options

  • Access printer dialog to control quality and other aspects of your Print Then Cut image


    Advanced Options 1

    Printer preferences


View the summarized release notes.



July 20, 2017


Move and Hide on Mats

  • Consolidate cuts into fewer mats to save material, or hide the ones you don't need by clicking on the 3 dots on the prepare mats screen


Print-Then-Cut Improvements

  • Experience faster scanning and more accurate results with new rectangular sensor marks
  • Print images slightly larger than before (now up to 6.75" x 9.25")


Redesigned Cut Screen

  • Search materials and make projects from redesigned screens
  • Increase or decrease custom material pressure






View the summarized release notes.