Cricut Maker materials list

The following is a list of materials that can be cut on the Cricut Maker, and for which we have created a setting in Design Space. We are always testing new materials and will continue to add to this list. 


Note: This list does not include materials recommended for cutting with the Knife blade. These will be added when the Knife blade becomes available. 


Material Name Category
Cereal Box Art Board
Chipboard – 2.0 mm Art Board
Chipboard -0.37mm Art Board
Cork  Art Board
Cork, Adhesive-Backed Art Board
Corrugated Cardboard  Art Board
Foil Poster Board Art Board
Matboard Art Board
Metallic Poster Board Art Board
Poster Board Art Board
Cardstock (for intricate cuts) Cardstock
Cardstock, Adhesive-Backed Cardstock
Glitter Cardstock  Cardstock
Heavy Cardstock – 100 lb Cardstock
Holographic Cardstock Cardstock
Kraft Cardstock Cardstock
Light Cardstock – 60 lb Cardstock
Medium Cardstock – 80 lb Cardstock
Patterned Glitter Cardstock Cardstock
Bamboo Fabric Fabric
Bengaline Fabric
Boucle Fabric
Broadcloth Fabric
Burlap Fabric
Burn-out Velvet Fabric
Calico Fabric
Cambric Fabric
Canvas Fabric
Cashmere Fabric
Challis Fabric
Chambray Fabric
Chantilly Lace Fabric
Charmeuse Satin Fabric
Chiffon Fabric
Chintz Fabric
Corduroy Fabric
Cotton Fabric
Cotton, Bonded Fabric
Crepe Charmeuse Fabric
Crepe de Chine Fabric
Crepe-back Satin Fabric
Damask Fabric
Delicate Fabrics (like Tulle) Fabric
Delicate Fabrics (like Tulle), Bonded Fabric
Denim  Fabric
Denim, Bonded Fabric
Dotted Swiss Fabric
Double Cloth Fabric
Double Knit Fabric
Duck Cloth Fabric
Dupioni Silk  Fabric
Extra Heavy Weight Fabrics Fabric
Eyelet Fabric
Faille Fabric
Faux Sued Fabric
Flannel Fabric
Fleece Fabric
Foulard Fabric
Gabardine Fabric
Gauze Fabric
Georgette Fabric
Gossamer Fabric
Grois Point Fabric
Grosgrain Fabric
Habutai Fabric
Heather Fabric
Heavy Fabrics (like Denim) Fabric
Heavy Fabrics (like Denim), Bonded Fabric
Homespun Fabric Fabric
Interlock Knit Fabric
Jacquard Fabric
Jersey Fabric
Jute Fabric
Khaki Fabric
La Coste Fabric
Lame Fabric
Light Cotton Fabric
Light Fabrics (like Silk) Fabric
Light Fabrics (like Silk), Bonded Fabric
Linen Fabric
Linen, Bonded Fabric
Lycra Fabric
Matelasse Fabric
Medium Fabrics (like Cotton) Fabric
Medium Fabrics (like Cotton), Bonded Fabric
Melton Wool Fabric
Mesh Fabric
Microfiber Fabric
Moiree Fabric
Moleskin Fabric
Monk's Cloth Fabric
Muslin Fabric
Nylon Fabric
Oil Cloth, Bonded Fabric
Oilcloth Fabric
Organza Fabric
Ottoman Fabric
Oxford Fabric
Panne Velvet Fabric
Peau de Soie Fabric
Pima Cotton Fabric
Pique Cotton Fabric
Plisse  Fabric
Plush Fabric
Polyester, Bonded Fabric
Poplin Fabric
Printable Fabric  Fabric
Ramie Fabric
Raschel Knit Fabric
Rayon Lyocell Fabric
Rib Knit Fabric
Rip-Stop Nylon Fabric
Sailcloth Fabric
Santeen- Shantung Fabric
Satin Silk Fabric
Seersucker Fabric
Sequined Fabric
Shantung Fabric
Silk China Fabric
Silk, Bonded Fabric
Slinky Knit Fabric
Spandex Fabric
Suede Fabric
Tafetta Fabric
Terry Cloth Fabric
Tulle Fabric
Tweed Fabric
Velour Fabric
Velvet Upholstery Fabric
Velveteen Fabric
Viscose Fabric
Voile Fabric
Waffle Cloth Fabric
Wool Crepe Fabric
Ziberline Fabric
Acrylic Felt Felt
Felt  Felt
Glitter Felt Felt
Glitter Felt, Bonded Felt
Wool Felt Felt
Craft Foam Foam
Depron Foam
Glitter Craft Foam Foam
Aluminum Foil Foil & Metal
Flocked Iron-On Iron-On
Foil Iron-On Iron-On
Glitter Iron-On Iron-On
Heat Transfer Iron-On
Holographic Heat Transfer Iron-On
Iron-On   Iron-On
Printable Iron-On, Dark  Iron-On
Printable Iron-On, Light  Iron-On
Transfer Sheet Iron-On
Faux Leather – 1 mm Leather
Leather – 1.8 mm Leather
Leather – 2 mm Leather
Leather – 1.4 mm Leather
Shimmer Leather – 1 mm Leather
Carbon Fiber Other
Duct Tape Sheet Other
Glitter Duct Tape Other
Magnetic Sheet – 0.5 mm Other
Magnetic Sheet – 0.6 mm Other
Paint Chip Other
Printable Magnetic Sheet Other
Washi Sheet Other
Window Cling Other
Construction Paper Paper
Copy Paper – 20 lb Paper
Deluxe Paper Paper
Embossed Foil Paper Paper
Flocked Paper Paper
Foil Paper  Paper
Freezer Paper Paper
Grocery Bag Paper
Heavy Watercolor Paper – 140 lbs Paper
Kraft Cardstock Paper
Light Patterned Paper  Paper
Mulberry Foil Paper Paper
Notebook Paper Paper
Parchment Paper Paper
Pearl Paper Paper
Photo Paper Paper
Rice Paper Paper
Shimmer Paper Paper
Sparkle Paper Paper
Sticker Paper  Paper
Sticker Paper, Removable Paper
Sticky Notes  Paper
Tattoo Paper Paper
Tissue Paper Paper
Vellum Paper
Wax Paper Paper
Acetate   Plastic
Cutting Mat Protector  Plastic
Foil Acetate Plastic
Gel Sheet Plastic
Plastic Packaging Plastic
Stencil Film - 0.4mm Plastic
Transparency Plastic
Adhesive Foil  Vinyl
Chalkboard Vinyl  Vinyl
Dry Erase Vinyl Vinyl
Glitter Vinyl  Vinyl
Holographic Vinyl Vinyl
Matte Vinyl Vinyl
Metallic Vinyl Vinyl
Premium Outdoor Vinyl Vinyl
Printable Vinyl  Vinyl
Stencil Vinyl  Vinyl
Vinyl Vinyl
Birch, Permanent Adhesive Wood
Adhesive Sheet, Double-Sided Other
Colored Duct Tape Other
Party Foil Other
Printable Foil Other
Transfer Foil Other
Vinyl, Bonded Other
Wrapping Paper Paper