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Accessories FAQ

Can I use the FabricGrip mat with my Explore machine?

Yes. However, because the Explore machines use a dragging action when cutting, you will still need to bond a fabric stabilizer to your fabric before cutting. 


Can I use the Rotary blade and Knife blade with my Explore machine?

The Rotary Blade and Knife blades are not compatible with the Explore machines. They require a drive mechanism that the Explores do not have and with which they cannot be upgraded. 

How is the FabricGrip mat different than the other mats?

The FabricGrip mat is made of a stronger, more dense material to withstand the intense pressures of cutting with the rotary blade. 

Why shouldn't I cut smaller than 3/4" with the Rotary blade?

Cutting smaller than 3/4" creates a very small turn radius for the Rotary blade. This will cause the Rotary blade to "scrape" the mat as it turns, leaving a gouge in the mat. This can also wear the blade in a way that will affect the quality of the cuts going forward.   

How long does the Rotary blade last?

As with all cutting tools, the life of the cutting edge depends on what you are cutting, and the pressure you're using when cutting. The rotary blade is intended for use with soft, flexible materials, such as silk, denim, cotton, burlap, and canvas. 

Hard flexible materials, such as a sequined material (sequins are plastic), will wear the blade more quickly and can possibly nick or chip the blade, which will affect the precision of future cuts. 

How long does the Knife blade last?

The Knife blade is intended for use with thicker, dense materials such as balsa wood, chipboard, leather, and craft foamup to 2.4mm or 3/32”. Because of this, the Knife blade will wear quickly compared with other blades.

However, the life of the blade will vary depending on the density and thickness of the material you are cutting, as well as the intricacy of your design. Thick chipboard will wear a blade more quickly than soft leather.  


What is the best way to store my Cricut pens?

We recommend storing your Cricut pens nib side down for best performance. 

Which machines require the Wireless Bluetooth adapter?

The Wireless Bluetooth Adapter is formatted for use with the Explore and Explore One machines, so that they may be used with the Design Space mobile app.  The Explore Air comes with a bluetooth module built-in, and does not require the Wireless Bluetooth adapter. 

The Wireless Bluetooth adapter is not compatible with the Expression 2, Imagine, Expression, Cake, Mini, Cake Mini, Create, or Personal machines.  

Can I use the regular blade housing for the deep cut blade?

The deep cut blade housing was crafted for best support of the pressure and other factors associated with cutting thicker and denser materials. The housing is also slightly shorter than the regular blade housing to provide more clearance for thicker materials. The deep cut blade should be used with the deep cut blade housing for best results.  

Which deep cut blade and housing works with my machine?

What is the Universal Overlay?

The universal keypad overlay is a silicone keypad overlay for use with Cricut cutting machines that use a keypad for selecting images. It offers a consistent, simple format for all cartridges launched after August 1, 2013. Going forward, you’ll only have to learn, organize, and store one overlay, instead of a specific overlay for every cartridge.

Eliminating cartridge-specific overlays also enables us to make the cartridge packaging smaller, keeping cartridges at an affordable price point. Less packaging is also more environmentally friendly.

With the universal keypad overlay, some of the boxes in the cartridge handbook have a gray X in them. What does this mean?

Some images require more layers than others. The boxes with a gray X indicate that there are no images associated with the keys one would normally press to get an image shown there.  

What does the universal keypad overlay look like?

The universal overlay is the same size as a cartridge-specific overlay, but has a consistent arrangement of numbers and letters, instead of the varying shapes and letters of older overlays.

Universal Overlay

What are the dimensions of the Rolling Craft Tote, Machine Tote, and Shoulder Bag?

Rolling Craft Tote

  • Width: 26 inches
  • Depth (front to back): 10.25 inches
  • Height: 14.38 inches


Machine Tote

  • Width: 26 inches
  • Depth: 9.25 inches
  • Height: 9.25 inches


Shoulder Bag

  • Width: 15.75 inches
  • Depth: 3.94
  • Height: 14.17 inches

Does the Cricut Maker fit in the tweed Machine Tote?

Yes; the Cricut Maker does fit inside the tweed Machine Tote. 

Are Cricut pens acid-free?

Yes; Cricut pens are acid-free.