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Cricut Metallic Leather: Cutting instructions

Easily cut custom designs for unique leather creations with Cricut Metallic Leather. Ideal for fashion, accessories, jewelry, home décor, embellishments, and more!  Find cutting instructions below. 


Cricut Materials FAQ

What weight is Cricut Cardstock?

Cricut Cardstock is 80 lb. stock (approx. 216 gsm). 

Can I use a laser printer with Cricut Printable materials?

Laser printers are not compatible with Cricut® Printable materials. Only ink jet printers should be used to print images on these materials. Laser printers use heat to melt the printer toner on to the material surface, whereas ink jet printers print the ink at room temperature. As a result, Cricut® printable materials are compatible with ink jet printers but cannot be used with laser printers, as the heat could melt the coating on the material inside the printer, ruining your laser printer. 

What is the difference between Cricut® Vinyl and Cricut® Window Cling?

Cricut® Vinyl and Cricut® Window Cling contain different types of backing. Cricut® Vinyl is designed with a strong adhesive backing that gives you a long-lasting hold after being applied to the surface. Once removed from its surface, it cannot be reused.

Cricut® Window Cling, on the other hand, is a non-adhesive material that clings instantly to most non-porous surfaces and is removable and reusable.

How do I care for my Cricut® Iron-on projects?

For best results, always wash/dry the item inside-out on the delicate cycle.  

If there are areas of the Iron-on material which seem to be coming off after being washed, simply re-iron the material in place following the complete application instructions.

What is the difference between Cricut® Printable Iron-on Light and Cricut® Printable Iron-on Dark?

Cricut® Printable Iron-on Light is meant for application to light-colored materials. For best results with dark-colored materials, use Cricut® Printable Iron-on Dark.

What glue can I use with Cricut Faux Leather?

Many different types of glues can be used with Cricut Faux Leather, and the one you need may depend on the nature of your project.  Many of our faux leather Make it Now projects used either hot glue or spray adhesive.  

How long will my Premium Outdoor Vinyl projects last outside?

Cricut Premium Outdoor vinyl is rated for 2 years.