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Design Space - Layers Panel

Cricut Design Space has many tools to help you customize your images. The Layers panel gives you access to features such as Slice, Weld, Attach, Flatten and Contour. It also helps you to make changes to image layers using Group, Ungroup, Duplicate, Delete, define Line Type, and Layer Color.


Layers Panel



Functions available in the Layers Panel:



Slice - Split two overlapping layers into separate parts.




Weld - Join multiple layers together to create one shape, removing any overlapping cut lines.




Attach/Detach - Hold your cuts in position so that images on the cutting mat will appear exactly as they show up on the design screen. Attach can also fasten a draw or score layer to a cut layer to tell the machine on which image layer the text, or score line should be placed. Detach separates the attached layers so they are no longer connected and will cut or draw independently from all other layers.



Flatten Unflatten

Flatten/Unflatten - Turn any image into a printable image, merging all selected layers into a single layer. Unflatten separates the layers from a single printable image into individual printable layers.




Contour - Hide or unhide contour lines or cut paths on a layer. The image, if it has multiple layers, must first be ungrouped.



Visible Hidden Layer

Visible/Hidden Layer - Layer is visible on the design screen. Click to hide layer. Hidden layers will not cut, print, write, or score. Clicking the icon again makes the layer visible on the design screen.



Group Ungroup

Group/UngroupGroup multiple layers, images, or text together so that they move and size together while working with them on the design screen (will not affect how images are laid out on the cutting mats). All multilayer images are added to the design screen as a group. Ungroup a set of layers, images, or text so that they move and size independently from one another on the design screen (will not affect how images are laid out on the cutting mats). Clicking "Ungroup" once on your text allows you to move and resize each layer of text independently, but keeps the letters grouped together. Clicking "Ungroup" on a single layer of text will allow you to move and resize each letter of text independently.  




Duplicate – Copy and paste an image in one step to create multiples of the same image.




Delete – Remove selected item from the design screen.


Layer Attributes Panel :


You can open the Layer Attributes panel by clicking on an image preview or line type icon in the Layers panel. Use the Layer Attributes panel to choose whether the image layer will Cut, Write, Score or Print.


Line Type


  • CUT - Set the layer to cut. You can pick a color for your layer from the palette of Current colors, Basic colors or using the Custom Color Picker. You can also enter a hex value to select a precise color.
  • WRITE - Set the layer to write, and choose from a list of Cricut pen colors.
  • SCORE - Set the layer to score. A scoring stylus is required.
  • PRINT - Turn a layer into a printable layer which will first be printed on a printer and then cut on the Cricut machine. Use Flatten to turn any multi-layer image into a single-layer printable image. To know more about Print-Then-Cut, please visit this help article.


Layer Attributes_Line Type


The Cricut Basics iOS App does not have an Edit or Layers panel or menu. Simply tap on the image where it appears on the mat to access available editing options. In the Design Space app for iOS, the functions of the Layers Panel are distributed under both the Layers and Actions menus at the bottom of the design screen. 




Unless you are using Print-Then-Cut, selecting a color is a visual representation of how the finished project will appear; shapes will be cut from the material you load on the mat, or will be written using the pen you insert into the machine. Layers with the same color will be placed on the same mat.