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Cricut Expression FAQ

Does the Cricut Expression require a computer?

No. The Cricut Expression machine is designed to function with the Cricut® cartridges as a standalone machine. 

What comes in the Expression® machine box?

  • Cricut Expression® machine: 21.5" x 7" x 7.75"
  • Blade and blade housing
  • Power cord
  • 12" x 12" cutting mat

The original bundle of the Cricut Expression machine also came with the Accent Essentials and Plantin Schoolbook cartridges. 

Is there a scoring tool for the Cricut Expression?

There is a scoring tip with housing that you can use with the Expression machine.  Simply switch it with your Expression blade housing, and proceed with scoring your project.  


What features are available on the Cricut Expression® machine?

The Cricut Expression machine has several fantastic features available. A few favorites are the Auto Fill and Quantity features. They allow you to cut multiples of the same image so you can quickly create a batch of invitations, place settings, party favors, or other projects.

What materials can a Cricut Expression® machine cut?

The Cricut Expression can cut a wide range of materials including cardstock, vinyl, vellum, fabric, chipboard, and even thin foils. Click here for suggested material cut settings.