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Cricut Basics FAQ

What is the difference between the Cricut Basics™ app and the Cricut Design Space™ app?

The Cricut Basics™ app is designed with new users in mind, to get you from image selection to cut in the shortest time possible. You don’t have to design a project. You find your image, font, or project, select it, and cut it out. It’s that easy!

The Cricut Design Space™ app contains more advanced features for creating projects and editing images, such as Slice, Weld, Attach, Hide Contour, Print then Cut, Write, Score, Group/Ungroup, alignment tools, and more.

Where can I find tutorials for the Cricut Basics™ app?

You can access Cricut Basics™ tutorial videos directly through the app! Simply tap on the account menu in the upper left corner of the screen, and select “App Overview” for a list of topics and tutorial videos.

Will I have access to my linked cartridges and Cricut Access™ plan in the Cricut Basics™ app?


Which mobile devices can be used with the Cricut Basics™ app?

The following devices are compatible with the Cricut Basics™ app:

  • iOS 7.1.2 or later

  • iPad 2 or later

  • iPad mini or later

  • iPhone 4 or later

  • iPod touch 5th generation or later

Will I be able use the Cricut Basics™ app without being connected to the Internet?

The Cricut Basics™ app is an online, cloud-based app, which allows for a better user experience. This requires an Internet connection.

Can I complete the new machine setup using the Cricut Basics ™ app?

Not at this time. The new machine setup for Cricut Explore machines must be done on the Cricut Design Space™ app or through on your desktop or laptop computer.

Can I purchase images and fonts through the Cricut Basics™ app?

Yes. Once you have selected and edited your images or text and are ready to cut, tap the Cricut® symbol in the upper right. You will be prompted to sign into your Apple iTunes account to authorize the purchase.